Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Stand alone in an open habitat.

Why don't we build a friendly standalone bundle of OpenSim + the SL client? If we could provide the academic community with an ultra basic, but ultra easy, single user virtual world that is very similar to Second Life, then this would give many an initial access route into MUVEs.

The ideal package would consist of two installers, one for Mac, one for Windows. (+Unix?).
The Mac installer would check for, and install Mono & X11 if necessary.
The Windows version would check for, and install .net if necessary.

Both would install the OpenSim server, a customised version of the Second Life client and a launcher application.

Once everything has been installed, the launcher application would run this standalone VW.

The launcher application would start the server. Whilst the island is being prepared, some nice progress bar would display on the screen. When the server has loaded and the island is ready, our tweaked SL client would be automatically launched and the user could log in using any name. As far as the end user is concerned, this is just a regular application that gives them a virtual world to play in.

For the educator, we would be providing an easy to install virtual world.
For their students, we would be providing a regular application that gives them their first taste of a virtual world.

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davy boy said...

Hey Ian,

That's exactly what we're planning on building over here in Canada. We're also talking about having the basic training options built into that build based on a combination of what you and I've been writing. Any chance to meet up about this soon?

dave c.