Wednesday, 5 March 2008

More pilot plan ideas.

I've transfered this to the shared google doc as well on jiscmuve, if any Habitat people want to jump in and edit.

Primary aim of pilot (from project plan/evaluation framework)

Developing competency in 3D design and collaboration in co-building within MUVEs

Longer term aims (Probably beyond the scope of this pilot. Phase 2 stuff)

Personal development through the exploration of identity and role play.

The development of new knowledge and the consolidation of existing knowledge through the construction of 3D artifacts.

Pilot outcomes:

By the end of this pilot, we will be able to demonstrate:

Evidence of students successfully using an open source MUVE (OpenSim standalone and networked).

Successful collaboration in-world (SL and OpenSim) between art and design students.

DAY 1 Tuesday 6th May H701 11am start

OpenSim standalone induction - Ruth TestUser
- Configure standalone OpenSim on all units, ready for workshop.
Basic navigation - walking, flying
Camera controls - Alt drag.
Basic building - Create, editing (move, scale, rotate, attributes), textures, texture upload, linking, snap to grid, Shift drag duplicate.

Plenty of free time to mess about.
Simple task 1: Build a tower as tall as you can? Stand on it and take a photo.

Recording the workshop - File>Snapshot to Disk. (first one brings up dialogue box - save to desktop. Subsequent calls save pics with sequential filenames. i.e. Snapshot_002.bmp, Snapshot_003.bmp) Create folder on desktop with name of student on it.

After workshop AM session finishes - gather snapshots together.

OpenSim public grid
Configure Macs to run OpenGrid or other public Grid, or possibly local grid if we can get it together.

Log into OpenSim multi-user using pre-set usernames and passwords. (Student's real first names? Ruth Reallastname?)

Meet each other's avatars.
Chat. IM.
Collaborative building.
Working in virtual pairs using in-world chat, build a ?
Fairground ride? (Slide etc)
Art Exhibition - using pictures off the site/web?

DAY 2 Wednesday 7th May H701 11am start
Second Life sign in - Using pre-purchased identities.
Pre-purchased identities have been pre-configured by the project team. (If we buy 20 identities from Linden Lab, we can log in as them before the pilot starts and give them money, sign them up to the LeedsMet and Habitat groups, configure their avatars to sync with the e-portfolio tool and walk them to our preferred induction location).
Second Life induction/Orientation
Appearance - de-noobing
Allocate building plots for practicing building. Upload some of your own work and use that.

Recording the experience
Posting images to the e-portofolio tool.
Tours around SL - in pairs like the Emerge online event.
Task: Visit public locations. Interact with strangers. Record via Postcards to e-portfolio tool.

DAYS 3&4 Thursday 8th May & Friday 9th May
Independent study - let the students do what they want - explore, work on the brief etc. Encourage them to keep recording to the e-portfolio tool.
Be around in-world to keep an eye on things and record events. Conduct interviews?

DAY 5 - Monday 12th May H701 11am start
Catch up on what has been happening.
Look at what has been built.

Intermediate building class.
Take suggestions from the class as to what to build.
Graham and Ian show off what they can build together.
Students watch and then have a go.
Introduce brief/competition/tasks
Build a Shrine to your first year experiences.
Where experiences have been shared, (e.g. you worked on the same project, you went to the same party) this should be reflected in an construction that you build together.

DAY 6 Tuesday 13th May H701 11am start.
Shrine building
Intermediate building support - Responsive to individual needs of learners.
Basic Scripting - llSay script - Making objects say something descriptive.

Setting objects for sale - Copy/Modify permissions. Original/Copy sales.

DAYS 7,8 & 9 , Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Friday 16th May.
Independent study

DAYS 10 & 11 Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th May H701 11am start.
Project work - supported by Ian and Graham
DAY 12 Wednesday 21st May
Independent study
DAY 13 Thursday 22nd May
Independent study
DAY 14 Friday 23rd May
In world judging of work? Awarding of prize money (Linden Dollars) to winners?

Post pilot - June-ish
Awards ceremony on Habitat/Emerge island.

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