Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Massively Multiuser Learner Conference

I have just been watching the stream from the Massively Multiuser Learner conference at Anglia Ruskin. Maggi Savin-Baden’s talk was very interesting. A lot of what she is saying rings true with my experience of managing learning on a design course. Design is inherently problem based, with a focus on brief led work which involves experimentation, reasoning, reflection and evaluation. The concept of liquid learning is one that intrigues me. Everything changes all the time, and a learning model that embraces change, and permits students to be active agents of change is something that I have witnessed and strongly believe in. I wonder if we might draw on some of the Preview project’s research when we are thinking about quest based orientation experiences.
I also sort of took part in Daniel Livingstone’s presentation. He used google docs to provide the virtual delegates (which was just me in this case) with access to his slides and a live chat channel. Unfortunately, the 10 second lag in the video stream made interaction a little tricky – I just about managed hi and bye - but it was nice to have my name up on the screen. I felt a little bit more like I was in the room with the real life delegates. Daniel gave a very good overview of the various MUVEs available for educators, including Wonderland/MPK20.
Anyway, the coffee break has just finished, so back to the stream…

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