Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Standalone vrs Grid

I've just been reading Dave Cormier's blog:
And I'm wondering whether even the mini-local grid that I had planned is a good idea. It would be nice if the students could interact with each other for the initial induction but, then again, maybe stripping things right back to single stand-alone users might help calm things down. I really want to emphasise the building aspect of MUVEs in the first bit of the induction, and other avies wandering past and making rude comments might just be too much of a distraction.
This will mean installing 20 standalone versions of OpenSim on my Macs, which will mean 20 mono + X11 + OpenSim installations, but our Mac support staff are great, and so I can't see any major problems.
I might crack on with this next week.

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