Thursday, 14 February 2008

Art & Design Pilot

I've been thinking about the Art & Design pilot. We need a pretty firm plan before the meeting in March, so I'll start to try and pin things down here.
I think that my plan to offer the pilot to all 120 first year students is a little over ambitious. We would want to use the data from all of our activities, which would mean getting all 120 to sign something saying this is O.K. That in itself would be a nightmare. Instead, I think that I will hand pick 20 suitable students from the first year and work more intensively with them over the 3 week time-slot.
I'd like to start the inductions with OpenSim still, as I think it will be the easiest intro for the students. I will need to get going on the installation of this to see if there are any potential problems. This will mean approaching our computing services team, which always fills me with dread, not because they are particularly unreasonable, but their vast knowledge of networks and security concerns are a bit intimidating. Some info from Dave C would be helpful before I approach them. I'm guessing that I would need to install .Net and the OpenSim server on a spare PC and plug it in somewhere.
In terms of what I would like to do with the students, I'm still attracted to the 3D learning agreement/contextual overview idea. The students would be able to take their 2D artwork in-world and add some text and join it all up in some way. I might have a go at doing something along these lines with the educational theories that I am trying to get my head around at the moment.
Current rough plan:
Week 1
OpenSim inductions
Learning tasks/activities in OpenSim.
Get students to think about identity.
Record activities.

Week 2
Second Life sign-up and Habitat island orientation.
Sending postcards to our e-portfolio tool
Building on LeedsMet/Habitat.
Main-land tours.
Introduce brief - the 3D learning agreement.

Week 3
Second Life building the 3D learning agreement.
Deadline on the Friday.
Capture data and record work.

Week 4
Analysis starts.

June 5th - Arts Festival and degree shows at Leeds Met. Display and Award prizes to winner of best 3D learning agreement.


ckrinke said...

This is a great and I want to encourage you. There are a number of regions on OSGrid that could be used for such a project.

I have serveral personal regions near Wright Plaza and you would be more then welcome to use a portion of Yang, Celt or one of the moons.

Just put up a sign where you with to use land with some sort of data and see what you can come up with.

Charles Krinke

Cubist Scarborough said...

Hi Charles. We are still planning the details of the pilot, but I'll make sure the rest of the project team are aware of your kind offer. Thanks!