Friday, 29 August 2008

Face Book

I picked up an interesting book at Oxfam. 'The Human Face Reconsidered', by John Brophy isn't particularly scientific, (any science that is present has probably been discredited, since the book was written in 1962), but it is very poetic.
I've just been reading the section about eyes.

"It is through the eyes that we attain the most intimate communion with other human beings and step nearest to the ultimate mystery which locks us, each separately, while life endures, inside the prison-house of one body, whence we may shout and listen to other prisoners, and out of which the only peep-hole is the eyes."

If we could look each other in the eye when we talk at a distance, rather being forced to stare at each other's navels by our screen-top webcams, we might enjoy a more intimate communion, and step nearer to the ultimate mystery. Or at the very least, have a better meeting.

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