Friday, 30 May 2008

The ultimate OpenSim standalone installer

I have an idea. I wonder if it's possible?

We have a stack of dusty old PCs cluttering up the place at Uni. Their old network sockets have been stolen by the shiny new computers, and without a network connection, they're pretty useless. So useless, in fact, that their hard-drives could be wiped without anyone getting upset.

So, this is the idea:

Somebody clever creates an magic installer CD that I can boot up an old PC with.

The installer CD wipes the hard-drive and installs the Debian OS+OpenSim standalone+Second Life client.

I reboot the PC and it automatically loads OpenSim and connects to it via the Second Life client (preferably running full screen for maximum tidiness).


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool to me. What would be even neater in the medium term would be if those regions automatically registered themselves with some grid (though unfortunately this would require 'where do you have space?' negotiation with the grid server which we don't support at yet).

Of course, even supremo long term neater would be if they could assemble themselves into a grid without requiring a grid server. However, we don't yet have a peer to peer mode in OpenSimulator a la OpenCroquet (and achieving such a thing most probably would require major internal rearchitecting... but it's a very interesting issue).

Unfortunately I'm not the clever person you're looking for to do the installer :D

Anonymous said...

And now I read your original post more carefully I see that these computers don't have a network connection available anyway :)

The CD should be fairly doable - I think there are lots of 'make your own distro' and live cd kits out there that one could leverage from. However, I've never poked into that area myself.