Thursday, 8 May 2008

A&D pilot day 2.2

A couple of the students that I'd excused to go to Whitby turned up today to catch up on what they had missed. We didn't have much time available, so Graham and I condensed the whole of day 2 into an hour and a half.

One really significant thing happened today. When the students logged into Second Life for the first time, for some reason they didn't end up in Orientation Island. They got plonked down in some seemingly random location on the mainland. I can only assume that all the Orientation Islands were full. Either that, or Linden Lab heard us moaning about Orientation Island and decided to take it away from us.

In many ways, the students were less equipped because they missed out on the OI tutorials, but the transition was just so much smoother. It felt like the process of discovery proceeded at an appropriate pace, with a calm, steady series of poignant questions asked and answered. Yesterday, it felt like the Orientation Island had grabbed our students by the ankles and dragged them backwards through every hedge of 'essential skill'.

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