Tuesday, 29 January 2008

UK educators landmass

We've been talking about the advantages of moving some of the UK education sims together to form an NMC style land mass. I have a suggestion for how we might do this. If each project/institution placed their islands next to each other, west to east, then anyone with more than one sim could place them north to south. This would allow institutions to expand north and south without any other sims getting in the way. This picture shows what I mean:


Steven Warburton said...

Looks like a plan ... though where would you see an educationally orientated 'orientation island' fitting?

Cubist Scarborough said...

Good point. Perhaps JISC/Eduserv would need a more lumpy landmass-like collection of islands at the centre of the cluster, with orientation in the centre? individual institutions could radiate out north/south as well as west/east. I might do another picture.