Saturday, 26 January 2008

Doing a philosophy degree? Be a builder.

Why can't students that don't do art & design build things in Second Life? I'm sure most people that build things in SL are not from an art & design background, otherwise the mainland would look a lot nicer. If we are thinking that building stuff is a good way of learning, then aesthetics isn't really that important. It's the knowledge that is gained and cemented that is important. So, what if it was the philosophy students that built the shrine to a philosopher?
Some potential problems with this, maybe. Teaching building skills at a distance is a nightmare. I've tried it. Mind you, Steven did a good job at the emerge online event, so maybe it might work. Maybe it is too much to expect them to take on the technical burdens that many claim building is.
The other thing we could do is team up the newly enthused and skilled A&D students, fresh from the first pilot, to do some building for the philosophy lot. This would work well for ours, as the Phil lot would be like clients with a brief. Mmm...

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