Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Rhizome of proximal development

I couldn't work out which berries were poisonous in the woods, and the wild learners just ignored me, so I've decided to go back into farming. Rather than going back to egg farming, I've decided to grow rhizomes.

Rhizomes usually spontaneously swell up in the wild when the conditions are right, but I reckon that if we dig some fertiliser into our field, and plant enough baby rhizomes, then keep a close eye on them and feed them with just the right amount of miracle grow when they need it, then we'll get ourselves a bumper harvest at the end of the academic year.

Field = Learning environment = Virtual studio space

Fertiliser = Graham's ePortfolio/VSE tool + OpenSim for all 600 students in the School.

Baby rhizomes = all 600 students in the School.

Keep a close eye on them = regular ongoing formative assessment.

Feed them with miracle grow = feedback, feed-forward and goal setting.

Bumper harvest = summative assessment = accreditation.

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