Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Lessons ignored

I've just run a Second Life induction session for Library staff. I originally intended to do the established 'OpenSim standalone first' plan of action, but as I only had an hour with them, I decided to jump straight into the Second Life sign up, so that I could show off LeedsMet's islands.

All was going well, until the second person in the room got through the registration process. And it all came flooding back to me.

'Registration Denied!'

The old 'multiple sign-up from the same IP address' thing reared its ugly head, and I remembered why we worked out a different way of tackling Second Life induction. Anyway, it was too late to start fiddling about with Terminal to get OpenSim up and running, so I did a big screen fly through of the islands, and went onto Lecture auto-pilot.

Note to self: Follow the recommendations of your own research project in future, idiot.


Kisa said...

Can I quote you on this tomorrow?


Ian Truelove : Cubist Scarborough said...

Please, please do.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! (only joking - I feel your pain :)