Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Intellectual property rights & copyright issues workshop

Here's a quick summary of the web2rights workshop that I attended at Leeds Met on Monday 7th April:

The web2rights website already contains most of the information we need to deal with IPR and copyright issues associated with the pilots. The site is being expanded in response to user needs, and we can request specific support for our own particular needs.
All of the JISC MUVE projects have similar IPR and copyright issues, so we should be able to share good practice between projects. There is already one Second Life specific FAQ, and we should perhaps request that more detailed SL IPR solutions are created for the benefit of all of the MUVErs. It might be worth requesting a cross-project IPR workshop from web2rights for the project managers of the various JISC MUVE projects.

The Open Habitat name change was seen as a good idea from a trademark perspective, although Naomi felt that there may still be issues with this name if the project was to build into something sustainable.

IRP issues are not particularly relevant to the standalone OpenSim, but a networked version, public or closed, would need its own terms and conditions of use drawing up. Naomi suggested drawing inspiration from the Linden Lab terms and conditions if necessary. It look like networked OpenSim won't be part of the first pilot, so no great urgency with this one.

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